If you have an organization or a company and you want your brand to reach thousands of people in an appealing cultural event, this should interest you.

Over 80% of those attending a hot air balloon event show brand recall regarding the brands advertised on the hot air balloon.

Hot air balloons are always the centre of attention and appeal to a wide target audience, enhance your brand awareness with an impact on thousands of people in this unique Hot Air Balloon event in the Basque Country.

Do you want to see your brand on a hot air balloon during the event days?

The regatta is the only event where people of many different ages, sexes, social classes and also companies belonging to La Fundación San Prudencio and other interested organizations and corporations from Álava gather.

This will be the biggest concentration in the Basque Country of hot air balloons, an event where a large number of hot air balloons will fill the skies of Vitoria-Gasteiz to the delight of all.

The regatta is an event which will reach a significant audience both in the flying fields and in the areas in which the acts are programmed. These acts will be broadcast on the internet, social media, the traditional media, etc for them to have a great impact.

The Vitoria-Gasteiz International Hot Air Balloon Regatta (RIG) will last three days and everything suggests that it will be an important event and a popular festival.

This is a local advertising campaign using hot air balloons to generate a good return on investment due to:

  • Brand recall/awareness in the spectator’s mind: the hot air balloons generate a high level of brand recognition, over 80% of the spectators remember the brand names on three of the hot air balloons they have seen and retain that memory for over three years.
  • Brand loyalty.
  • Associating the brand with Vitoria-Gasteiz and Álava.
  • Associating the brand with sporting events and shows in the environment, the province, the city and their inhabitants, generating a positive feeling towards the brand.
  • Enhanced brand awareness in the local media with news and images broadcast of the Hot Air Balloon Regatta (RIG).
  • Direct impact: the hot air balloons draw 100% immediate attention and appeal to the spectator like no other exterior advertising space.
  • Publicity from subscribers and a possible viral effect: the public will photograph the event and share it on their social media accounts. The hot air balloons do not form part of conventional advertising elements and for this reason they are incredibly visual and spectacular to the public eye.
  • If the company is based in Álava, there will be a discount of up to 18% in company tax.
  • If the company is from another area, the deduction in company tax is up to 40%.
logotipo de la regata internacional de globos de vitoria gasteiz


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logotipo del 50 aniversario de la fundacion san prudencio

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